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  • Ancient Aromas Smudge Sticks and White Sage
    White Sage, Blue Sage, Red Sage, and Mountain Sage blends of sustainable harvest wildcrafted herbs gathered and hand tied on the Cochimi tribe reservation in Baja California.
    Auroshikha Incense Sticks
    Auroshikha Original 8" 10-gram masala style, Natural, no artificial ingredient Incense Sticks in Marbled Paper packaging and natural Resin Stick Incense made from Frankincense, Myrrh, Benzoin, and Copal
    Balaji Stick and Back Flow Cone Incense
    Balaji Masala Incense Sticks
    Blue Pearl Stick Incense
    Classic Imported Incense * Be Transported by Incredible & Pure Handmade Fragrances * Encens Classique Importe * Siddha International * 8" Sticks * 20 grams per package * Made in India
    Escential Essences Sticks, Cones and Perfume Oils
    Your Top-selling brand since 1993. Long-Burning, hand-dipped Incense Sticks & Cones. Cosmetic-grade, skin-safe Perfume oils, Cruelty free. Features gold-foil embossed Solar Invictus Sun design, with Moon & Stars on reverse, including magickal properties.
    Hem Stick & Cone Incenses
    HEM Stick Incenses in Square 25 pack boxes * HEM Cone Incense in 12 pack display boxes, in single fragrances & assortments * Dipped fragrances * Made in India * Fast-Selling * Low Cost * Attractive full-colour packaging * high store profit margin
    Lunar Essences Stick Incense
    Beautiful 3-dimensionally engraved Moon Goddess image * 8 different fragrances dedicated to the Spirit of the Moon * Famous verses & sayings from writers, poets & orators glorifying the mystery of the Moon * Made in USA
    Morning Star and Japanese Joss Stick Incense
    Traditional Japanese-style senkoh Joss Sticks & Aloeswood for Connoisseurs & Collectors featuring light subtle aromas which are excellent for small rooms and meditation settings. Pure incense, no bamboo core.
    Mystic Temple Incense Sticks and Charcoal Resins
    Mystic Temple Incense Sticks and Charcoal-Burning Resins and Powders
    Natures Alchemy Pure Essential Oils
    Nature's Alchemy Essential oils for aromatherapy in a 1/2-ounce (15ml) Amber colored bottle * Pure & uncut oils derived from pressed & steam distilled plant flowers, buds, bark, aromatic seeds & leaves, tree resins & fruit rinds * No synthetic ingredients
    Dhoop Incense Sticks and Spiritual Guide
    Padmini Dhoop, Chandan Dhoop, Laxmi Dhoop * original 5000-year-old recipe of masala herb blend incense mentioned in Vedic texts * No bamboo core * Extruded * Made in India
    Sage Spirit Smudge Sticks
    Mountain Sage blends from New Mexico including Sage, Cedar, Copal, Lavender, Pinion Pine and Sweetgrass
    Sai Flora Fluxo Incense
    Sai Flora Fluxo-style Incense Sticks * thick durbar blend of all natural ingredients * long-burning * Made in India
    Nag Champa Incense - Original and Assorted packaging
    Satya Nag Champa & Super Hit, in original blue and variety blend packaging * Sticks, Cones & Soaps
    Super Hit Incense
    Reduce Negative & Enhance Positive of Zodiac Signs * Nag Champa-style durbar incense sticks * Made in India by Satya
    Song of India/Rexpo Incenses
    Song of India Temple Incense, Esoteric Incense, Zodiac Stick incenses, Solid Perfumes & Scented Oils
    Three Kings Charcoals
    Self-ignite Coals for burning Resin Incenses, wood powders, and Shisha Pipes. Only use in a Charcoal-safe burner
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