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Incense Sticks, Cones & Scented Perfume Oils

Welcome to your fine selection of Exotic Incense Sticks, Cones & Scented Oils, Native American and Charcoal-Burning Resins of the Olde & New World

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Your Top-Selling Incense/Smudge/Oil Brands: Ancient Aromas, Archangel, Auroshikha, Balaji, Blue Pearl, Escential Essences, HEM, Lunar Essences, Morning Star, Nature’s Spirit, Mystic Temple, Namaste, Nature’s Alchemy, Sage Spirit, Swagat, Satya Nag Champa
Satya Nag Champa Incense
Satya Nag Champa & Super Hit, in original blue and variety blend packaging * Sticks, Cones & Soaps
Durbar and Fluxo Incense
Fluxo Incense Sticks are resinous and sweet, employing a variety of herbs and wood powders, similar to Nag Champa, but longer burning and with more smoke.
Hand-Dipped Incense Sticks
Dipped Incenses start as unscented blanks, made from wood powders or charcoal, dipped into highly fragranced perfume & essential oils * Include: Escential Essences, Lunar Essences, Archangel, Nature's Spirit, and Mystic Temple
25 Package Incense Sticks
Offer your customers a smaller quantity of incense sticks for reduced price or opportunity for larger store markup * attractive descriptive printing * Brands: HEM, Bharat Darshan, Satya Nag Champa and Super Hit * Made in India
White Sage Smudge Sticks
California White Sage, Mountain Sage Blended Smudge Sticks in a variety of sizes and packaging. Whole Leaf White Sage and Canadian Sweetgrass Braids
Mystic Temple Red Label Counter Display
Packaged Incense Displays and Assortments * Brands: Blue Pearl, Mystic Temple, HEM, Indian Temple, Morning Star, and Escential Essences
Namaste Cone Incense
Packaged Cone Incenses some in attractive counter displays * Brands: Escential Essences, HEM, Namaste, Satya, Super Hit
Auroshikha Resin Stick Incense
Natural Pure Gum Resin Incense Sticks * 10 grams - 10 sticks per package * Made in Pondichery, India at the Mother's Ashram * no artificial fragrances or ingredients * 10" long
Bulk Hand-Dipped Incense Sticks
Scented Incense Sticks in bulk * Sticks Hand-Dipped in fragrant perfume oils, or hand-rolled masala-style sticks, later dipped in oils for added fragrance * Buy in bulk and sell by the stick or repackage under your own store's label
Charcoal-Burning Resin in Bulk
Resin incense is made from dried fragrant tree saps, woods, leaves, flower buds, and natural oil scents, which are burned on self-igniting charcoal tablets or in electric bakhoor burners.
Laxmi Dhoop
Dhoop is a variety of masala herbal blend, extruded and rolled thin into a mini-stick incense, without a bamboo core.
Eclectic Styles and Packaging
Incense gift boxes and collections * One-of-a-kind style packaging from exotic India and beyond
Amber Resin Charm Necklace
Fragrant Amber Resin from the Himalayas, blended with pure Aromatherapy grade essential oils * Rosewood Boxes, Displays, Amber Charm Necklace, and refill bags
Aloeswood Joss Sticks - Good Fortune Cloud
Traditional Japanese-style shinkoh Joss Sticks, Coils & Aloeswood for Connoisseurs & Collectors featuring light subtle aromas which are excellent for small rooms and meditation settings. Made in Vietnam.
Made or Packaged in the USA
Handmade quality incenses made or packaged in the USA. Helping support small businesses and family cottage industries.
Natural Masala-Style Stick Incenses
Masala incenses are dried fragrances made from herbs, dried flowers, resins, and gums, hand-rolled onto bamboo core sticks. Fragrances are more subtle, with less top note like dipped incenses. Their richness is appreciated most when burning.
Natures Alchemy Essential Oils
Pure essential oils for aromatherapy from pressed flowers, herbs, resins, and woods * full strength with no synthetic ingredients or additives * packaged in USA
Scented Incense Matches
Box of 50 books of Incense Matches - 16 Best-selling scents - includes: Bayberry, Cinnamon, Coconut, Frankincense, French Vanilla, Goddess of Egypt, Holly Berry, Jasmine, Musk, Oriental Blossom, Patchouli, Potpouri, Rain, Sandalwood, Spice and Strawberry.
Escential Essences Perfume Oils
Perfume Oils in cosmetic-grade synthetic and natural essential blends * Featured Brands include: Escential Essences, Song of India/Rexpo, Spiritual Sky
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Incense Fragrances filtered and sorted by scent types including Fruits, Florals, Spices, Woods, Perfumes and Sweet Aromas from all brands and types
Solid Perfumes in Stoneware
Solid perfume naturally scented creams in hand carved soapstone and screw-top rosewood jars by Song of India
Simpoi-style herbal mini joss sticks handmade by Tibetan refugees
Simpoi-style mini-sticks & Lokta paper rope incense from Tibet & Nepal, prepared from pure Himalayan Mountain herbs, made into a paste and hand-rolled into sticks or ropes, without bamboo cores.
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