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Charcoal-Burning Incense Resins, Powders, & Self-ignite Tablets

 The incenses in this section can only be burned on charcoal tablets or in electric bakhoor burners. Instructions included on each package for burning charcoal tablets. All fragrances are resin saps, heartwoods, flowers, and essential oils extracted from holy incense trees and plants throughout the ancient world. These essences have been in use for thousands of years and have sometimes been valued on an equal level with gold because of their reputation for healing and spiritual benefits.

Three Kings Charcoal Tablets
Self-ignite Coals for burning your Charcoal-burning Resin & Powder Incenses and for Sheesha Pipes
Charcoal-Burning Resin in Bulk
Mystic Temple Charcoal-Burning Resin & Powdered Incenses * Charcoal Tablets sold separately * purchase in Bulk for substantial cost savings * pack in your own bags, store's packaging, sell by the scoop, or mix fragrances and create your own blends
Mystic Temple Resin Incense - Small Packs
1/2-3/4-ounce bags Resin and Powder incenses may be burned on charcoal tablets sold separately or in electric bakhoor burners * Charcoal-Burning Instructions on back of each pack. * Sold as a curio only, no Magical Effects are guaranteed.

Charcoal-burning incenses are blends of pure resins & powders gathered from the sap and gum of fragrant trees, flowers & herbs, scented woods and pure essential oils from the Far East, Middle East, Africa & the Americas. For thousands of years, your incenses traveled the caravan routes of the Earth, sometimes trading on an equal level with gold, because of their wondrous benefits and difficulty to procure. Incenses such as: Frankincense, Myrrh, Amber, Sandalwood & Benzoin have been revered for centuries, offered up by shamans for gaining the benedictions & blessings of higher deities, and for magickal & devotional rituals & ceremonies all over the world. Your incense was said to be the original "gift of the Magi", brought by the Three Kings. Copal is the sacred incense of the Mayan priests. Celtic, Egyptian, Ocean Serenity, Pontifical & Three Kings are high-grade church & altar incense combinations of Frankincense, Myrrh, Benzoin, flowers, and each blended with secret essential oils. Buddhist Temple Blend is a traditional combination of precious Aloeswood, Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Camphor and Star Anise, burned since antiquity in the temples and shrines of the East. Pure Mysore Sandalwood Powder and Nag Champa Powder are sacred temple meditation blends from India. * Charcoal Burning instructions are on the back of most packages.

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