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History of Your Mystic Temple Authentic Zodiac Charcoal Incenses

Your Mystic Temple Zodiac charcoal-burning incenses are combinations of pure essential plants oils, spices, high-quality herbs & resins blended with pure Mysore Sandalwood powder. Your connoisseur quality increase offers you an exceptional, long-lasting aroma, with superior spiritual benefits. Your incense was specially blended for you in India, using the age-old Ayurvedic Herbal method of the temple Brahmins dating back more than 5000 years from the Vedic Age. For thousands of years your incenses have been offered in purifying fire sacrifices for gaining the benedictions & blessings of higher celestial & supernatural beings. The Brahmins & participants of the rituals anointed their bodies & inhaled the smoke of your incenses, to induce visions, see past, present and future events, to deeply concentrate & meditate, to purify their altar & arena of sacrifice and create a sacred space, & to cleanse away the accumulated karma of many births in this world. Your temple Brahmins have carefully prepared each fragrance to aid you in enhancing and bringing forth the positive qualities & attributes of each Zodiac sign. Om Tat Sat


Positive Qualities & Attributes of Your Zodiac Sign

Aquarius freedom lover, curious, noble, genius

Aries............ fearless, liberal, born leader, graceful, pioneer

Cancer....... meditative, optimist, full of laughter

Capricorn cautious, wise, strong, ambitious

Gemini quick intelligence, dexterous, alert

Leo........... the monarch, stately bearing, fiercely loyal

Libra.............. perfect balance, peacemaker, seeker of truth

Pisces. deep wisdom, compassionate, altruist

Sagittarius...... generous, intelligent, fiery drive

Scorpio............... master, rebirth, regeneration

Taurus.. solid, steady, silent, patient, affectionate

Virgo...... methodical, prudent, discreet, clear thinker

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