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History & Benefits of Possessing Your
Native American Sacred Smudging Incense

Sage, Cedar, Copal & Sweetgrass are Native American sacred herbs collected and burned by the shamans of North America. Their use is as ancient as our use of fire. For as the shamans learned to control fire, they found that certain plants and resins, when burned, would produce magical benefits, such as: visions of past, present and future events, attraction of beneficial spirits, blessings of higher deities, removal of negative elements and forces and the promotion of physical & spiritual healing. Your Sacred Smudging incense may be burned on charcoal to purify and clear your home or meditation area, to cleanse your crystals and stones, or enjoyed as natural incense. Always use a charcoal-safe burner (no wood or plastic). Burn in a safe place away from inflammable objects. Burning instructions are found on the back of each package. Enjoy!

Benefits of Possessing & Burning Your Herbs

Desert Sage: purification, cleansing, removes negative elements, spirit chaser
Cedar: aids in healing, protection, attracts animal spirits, spirit catcher
Copal: purification before magick rituals, removes negative spirits & vibrations, healing
Sweetgrass: clearing before group rituals, ceremonies & gatherings
Lavender: improves communication & concentration, clears your light body
White Sage: protection, healing, powerful magick & deep meditation

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