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The History of Your Mystic Temple Authentic Magical Blend Charcoal-burning Incenses

Incense is as ancient as our use of fire. For as we learned to control fire, we learned that certain roots, flowers, resins and fragrant woods, when burned, would produce enticing and hypnotic aromas & magickal effects. So it was, that these herbs, of which your incenses has been compounded, became part of ancient rituals, offerings & appeasements to the deities controlling the heavens, earth, seasons, natural & supernatural worlds.

It was believed that as the smoke rose upward, your prayers would be heard by higher beings. Since ancient times, as shamans, temple priests and priestesses emerged, formulas were developed and records kept of their powerful magickal effects. The smoke of your oils and herbs, when burned, anointed the bodies of shamans to induce visions, heighten the senses, aid in concentration & meditation, aid in the ability to see past, present & future & to consecrate the altar. Mystic Temple Magical Blends have been formulated under the auspicious phase of the moon and are meant for burning over charcoal. Always use a charcoal-safe burner (no wood or plastic). Burn in a safe place away from inflammable objects.

Benefits in Possessing & Burning Your Magical Blends

Air: improves your communication, memory, understanding, reason & clarity
Astral Projection: hypnotic and enticing, relaxes you
for trance & helps you reach higher planes

Dragon's Blood: destroys bad vibrations, strongly improves your good luck,
keeps away the evil eye & envy
Earth: brings you abundance, balance, grounding, security, shelter & blessings
Fire: increases your strength, courage, protection, health, success & optimism
Golden Aura: brings forth your unique talents for all to see
(excellent for actors, models & job-seekers)
Harmony: restores to you a happy home, soothes anger & resentment
Love: attracts the love & affection of your loved ones, companions & friends
Meditation: creates sacred temple & altar for you, aids in concentration, relaxing & uplifting
Prosperity: attracts love, success, opulence & wealth to you
Seduction: sensual & passionate, aids in the fulfillment of your romantic desires
Water: improves your balance, cleansing, brings out the positive qualities of water

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