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History & Benefits of Your Amber Resins
Amber is the fossilized resin of prehistoric Liquid Amber trees, which give its name to “Ambrosia”, the divinely scented drink of the mythical Gods from the tales of the Odyssey.  In the Baltic area, hard Amber jewelry has been worn for centuries, as an amulet, to protect the wearer from misfortune.  In China, Amber has long been used in folk medicine, in the belief that its smell would strengthen the individual and give her courage from the soul of a tigress.   In Ancient Greece & Medieval Europe, Amber was believed to ward off poisons, evil influences, and as a liniment to promote health.  Amber is believed by Coptic scholars to be one of the original “Gifts of the Magi” (Frankincense, Myrrh & Gold).  Nomadic tribeswomen of the Jaipur state in India wear Amber resin in their ethnic jewelry as a sign of their status.  Try burning your Amber on charcoal tablets alone or with other charcoal-burning resins or herbs, melting pieces on the hot rocks of your sauna, or smoothing it into your skin as a natural perfume.  As a sachet, try leaving your Amber open.  Its sweet and sultry fragrance will gently waft sensuously through your home.  Crush a small amount of your Amber between your fingers.  Your fragrance will linger for hours.  It is an androgynous and uplifting fragrance suitable for temple offerings and that both men and women will enjoy.  Om Tat Sat

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